Arvid Berg Ørnbak

/B. 1958


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/As Arvid Berg Ørnbak

Film Year Function Category
Silent Heart 2014 Property master DK/Feature
The Shooter 2013 Property master DK/Feature
Nothing's all bad 2010 Set dresser: 2. unit DK/Feature
Blekingegadebanden 2009 Set designer DK/Documentary
Forestillinger 2007 Set dresser TV series
True Spirit 2005 Property master DK/Feature
Turn right by the yellow dog 2003 Property master DK/Feature
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/As Arvid Berg

Film Year Function Category
Love on the rails 1989 Set dresser DK/Feature
Time out 1988 Set dresser DK/Feature
Station 13 1988 Set dresser TV series
Babette's Feast 1987 Property assistant DK/Feature
Waiting in the wings 1987 Property DK/Feature
Walter and Carlo, part II 1986 Property assistant DK/Feature

/As Arvid Berg-Ørnbak

Film Year Function Category
1864 - brødre i krig 2016 DK/Feature
The Christmas Family 2 2016 DK/Feature
Emma and Santa Claus - The Quest for the Elf Queen's Heart 2015 Property master DK/Feature
The Seaside Hotel 2 2015 TV series
1864 2014 Props TV series
Speed Walking 2014 DK/Feature
Baby 2014 Property master DK/Short fiction
Familien Jul 2014 Property master DK/Feature
Antboy 2013 Property master DK/Feature
Where the Light gets in 2013 Property master DK/Short fiction
Tvillingerne & julemanden 2013 Props TV series
Marie Kroyer 2012 Set dresser DK/Feature
My Sister's Kids Home Alone 2012 Set dresser DK/Feature
Something in the Air 2011 Set decorator DK/Feature
I Lie Awake 2010 Set designer DK/Short fiction
The Left Wing Gang 2010 Props TV series
Aching hearts 2009 Property master DK/Feature
Timetrip: The curse of the seeress 2009 Property master DK/Feature
Frode and all the other rascals 2008 Production designer DK/Feature
Worlds Apart 2008 Set dresser DK/Feature
The Art of Crying 2007 Property master DK/Feature
Karla's world 2007 Property master DK/Feature
Manslaughter 2005 Property master DK/Feature
My sister's kids in Egypt 2004 Property master DK/Feature
Better Times 2004 Set dresser TV series
Inheritance 2003 Property master DK/Feature
Facing the Truth 2002 Property master: Sealand DK/Feature
Anja & Viktor 2001 Property master DK/Feature
The Olsen gang junior 2001 Property master DK/Feature
Olsen bandens første kup 1999 Props TV series
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