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Film Year Function Category
Something's Rockin' 2017 TV series
What a Circus! 2017 DK/Feature
The Commune 2016 DK/Feature
Den anden verden 2016 TV series
Bankerot 2014 Gaffer TV series
Love Is All You Need 2012 Gaffer DK/Feature
The Great Bird Race 2012 Gaffer DK/Feature
Sons of Norway 2011 Gaffer Feature
In a Better World 2010 2. cinematographer DK/Feature
Mammoth 2009 Gaffer Feature
Antichrist 2009 Gaffer: 2. unit DK/Feature
Sangen 2009 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
What no one knows 2008 Gaffer DK/Feature
AFR 2007 Cinematographer DK/Feature
Mettes overskyede verden 2007 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
Better Times 2004 Best boy TV series
It's all about love 2002 Gaffer DK/Feature
Monas verden 2001 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
My sister's children 2001 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Foreign Fields 2000 Senior Sergeant DK/Feature
Flickering Lights 2000 Lighting supervisor DK/Feature
Anna 2000 Gaffer DK/Feature
Bleeder 1999 Gaffer DK/Feature
The Man with the Tuba 1999 Gaffer DK/Short fiction
Two for Cassiopeia - a Love Story 1999 Lighting supervisor DK/Short fiction
Det store flip 1997 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
A Scent of Paradise 1997 Gaffer DK/Feature
Portland 1996 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Operation Cobra 1995 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
The Russian singer 1993 Gaffer DK/Feature
The Boys From St. Petri 1991 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Giselle 1991 Assistant lighting technician DK/Documentary
Casanova 1990 Gaffer DK/Feature
Games 1990 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Dance of the Polar Bears 1990 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Love on the rails 1989 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Happiness is a curious catch 1989 Best boy DK/Feature
Techno love 1989 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
A World of Difference 1989 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Emma's shadow 1988 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Babette's Feast 1987 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Tootsiepops and Candyfloss 1987 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Waiting in the wings 1987 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Murder in the Dark 1986 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
Walter and Carlo, part II 1986 Electrical dept. DK/Feature
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Registration of festival participation and awards

The Danish Film Institute registers international festival participation and awards for Danish films, though primarily for films whose festival distribution is handled by the Danish Film Institute, and primarily in connection with festivals prioritised by the Danish Film Institute. Festival participation and awards regarding Danish films that are not handled through the Danish Film Institute's festival distribution will only be registered in connection with "launch" festivals, according to the Danish Film Institute's list of priority festivals. See the list of priority festivals.

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