Dar Salim

(1977 – )

Actor. Born 18/9 1977 in Iraq. Graduated as a pilot in 2002.

Dar Salim came to Denmark when he was seven years old. He found his path as an actor through a casting for the TV series 'Defense' (2003-2004). Salim had his first leading role in 'Go with Peace Jamil' (2008) for which he was nominated for a Danish Bodil Award.

Salim has since had supporting roles in a number of Danish films such as 'Submarino' (2010), 'Truth About Men' (2010), 'A Hijacking' (2012), 'A War' (2015) as well as TV series such as 'Borgen' (2010-2011), 'Dicte' (2012-2016) and 'Warrior' (2018). He has also appeared in several international productions such as 'Game of Thrones' (2011) and 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' (2014).

He received three Robert nominations for his supporting part in 'Dicte' (2012-2016), while he was both Bodil- and Robert-nominated for his leading role in Fenar Ahmad's 'Darkland' (2017). He won the award for Best Male Actor at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival for his leading role in 'Until We Fall' in 2018.
Title Year Function Category
Sons 2024 Agent DK/Feature
Darkland: The Return 2023 Appearance, Executive producer DK/Feature
Agent 2023 Dar TV series
Until We Fall 2019 Adam DK/Feature
Heavy Load 2019 Dar DK/Feature
Western Arabs 2019 Appearance DK/Documentary
Warrior 2018 CC TV series
Warrior 2018 CC TV series
Warrior 2018 CC TV series
Warrior 2018 CC TV series
Warrior 2018 CC TV series
Warrior 2018 CC TV series
Warrior 2018 CC TV series
Iqbal & the Jewel of India 2018 Onkel Rafig DK/Feature
Darkland 2017 Zaid DK/Feature
Mune, le gardien de la lune 2017 Voice Feature
Next Door Spy 2017 Vincents far DK/Feature
Gidseltagningen 2017 Adel TV series
Dicte 3 2016 Bo SKytte TV series
Springfloden 2016 Abbas TV series
Walk with Me 2016 Læge DK/Feature
Iqbal & The Superchip 2016 Onkel Rafig DK/Feature
Macho Man 2015 Cem Denizoglu Feature
American Odyssey 2015 Omar TV series
A War 2015 Najib Bisma DK/Feature
Iqbal Farooq and The Secret Recipe 2015 Onkel Rafiq DK/Feature
Void 2014 Amir DK/Short fiction
Familien Jul 2014 Inspektør DK/Feature
Nordic Factory 2014 Amir Feature
Honig im Kopf 2014 Kellner Feature
Exodus: Gods and Kings 2014 Commander Khyan Feature
Dicte 2 2014 Bo Skytte TV series
In Real Life 2014 Appearance DK/Feature
Escort 2013 Alex DK/Short fiction
Dicte 1 2013 Bo TV series
Broen 2 2013 Peter TV series
A Hijacking 2012 Lars Vestergaard DK/Feature
Karim 2011 Telefonstemme DK/Short fiction
Game of Thrones 2011 Qotho TV series
Magi i luften 2011 Benny DK/Feature
Borgen 2 2011 Amir Dwian TV series
The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn 2011 Voice Feature
Rebounce 2011 Hans DK/Feature
Submarino 2010 Goran DK/Feature
Borgen 1 2010 Amir Dwian TV series
Truth About Men 2010 Christian DK/Feature
My good enemy 2010 Gymnasielærer DK/Feature
Nothing's all bad 2010 Aversionsterapeut DK/Feature
Ukontrolleret besøg 2009 Appearance DK/Short fiction
Go with peace Jamil 2008 Jamil DK/Feature
The protectors 2008 Ammar Hayat TV series
2900 Happiness 2007 2. pilot TV series
Forestillingen om et ukompliceret liv med en mand 2006 Taxachauffør DK/Short fiction
Tatort 1970 Hassan Nidal TV series