John Nielsen

(1947 – )

Title Year Function Category
Those who kill - Shadow of the past 2012 Boom operator DK/Feature
Love Is All You Need 2012 B-sound designer DK/Feature
My Sister's Kids Home Alone 2012 B-sound engineer: 2. unit DK/Feature
In a Better World 2010 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Everything Will Be Fine 2010 Boom operator DK/Feature
The Left Wing Gang 2010 Boom operator TV series
Lost in Africa 2010 Boom operator DK/Feature
Below 2009 Sound recordist DK/Short fiction
Super brother 2009 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Vølvens forbandelse 2009 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Kærlighedens krigere 2009 Sound Feature
Worlds Apart 2008 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Anja & Viktor - in sickness and in health 2008 B-sound designer DK/Feature
En enkelt til Korsør 2008 B-sound designer DK/Feature
What no one knows 2008 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Outside love 2007 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Kærlighed på film 2007 Boom operator DK/Feature
Anja & Viktor - brændende kærlighed 2007 B-sound designer DK/Feature
We shall overcome 2006 B-sound designer DK/Feature
After the Wedding 2006 Boom operator DK/Feature
The Leap 2005 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Bang Bang Orangutang 2005 Recording engineer DK/Feature
The judge 2005 Boom operator DK/Feature
Brothers 2004 Boom operator DK/Feature
Move Me! 2003 Sound DK/Feature
Reconstruction 2003 B-sound designer, Boom operator DK/Feature
Anja after Victor 2003 Boom operator DK/Feature
John and Mia 2002 Sound, Sound designer DK/Short fiction
Anja & Viktor 2001 B-sound designer, Sound assistant DK/Feature
D-Dag 2001 Sound TV film
Break your bounds 2000 Sound DK/Feature
Anna 2000 Boom operator DK/Feature
Her i nærheden 2000 B-sound designer DK/Feature
At the Faber 2000 Sound TV series
Love at last hickup 1999 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Brødrene Mortensens jul 1998 Sound TV series
The Idiots 1998 Boom operator DK/Feature
Sunes familie 1997 B-sound designer DK/Feature
The Rascal 1994 Sound DK/Feature
Carl - My Childhood Symphony 1994 Sound DK/Feature
Det bli'r i familien 1993 Sound DK/Feature
Andersens julehemmelighed 1993 Sound TV series
The Russian singer 1993 Recording engineer DK/Feature
Sofie 1992 Sound DK/Feature
Zentropa 1991 Boom operator DK/Feature
The village 1991 Sound TV series
The great day on the beach 1991 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Hayfever 1991 Boom operator DK/Feature
Camping 1990 Sound DK/Feature
The man who wanted to be guilty 1990 Sound DK/Feature
Jydekompagniet 3 1989 Sound DK/Feature
Walter and Carlo in America 1989 Sound DK/Feature
Waltzing Regitze 1989 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Murder in Paradise 1988 Sound DK/Feature
Katinka 1988 Sound, Boom operator DK/Feature
Station 13 1988 Boom operator TV series
Babette's Feast 1987 Sound DK/Feature
Waiting in the wings 1987 Sound DK/Feature
The fight for the red cow 1987 Sound engineer: 2. unit DK/Feature
Murder in the Dark 1986 Sound DK/Feature
Et ord om AIDS 1986 Sound DK/Documentary
Valhalla 1986 Dialogue editor DK/Feature
The chronic innocence 1985 Sound DK/Feature
Johannes' hemmelighed 1985 Sound DK/Short fiction
5th international cerebral palsy games 1985 Sound DK/Documentary
Tænk at få brusebad 1985 Sound DK/Documentary
In the middle of the night 1984 Sound DK/Feature
Rainfox 1984 Sound DK/Feature
Gittes monologer - Per Højholt 1984 Sound, Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Se dig for 1984 Sound DK/Documentary
Cykelsymfonien 1983 Sound DK/Short fiction
Gorilla Gorilla 1983 Sound DK/Documentary
The Bell of Freedom - a Film About N.F.S. Grundtvig 1983 Sound DK/Documentary
Gå rigtigt i trafikken 1983 Sound DK/Documentary
Sikker på cykel 1983 Sound DK/Documentary
Kidnapning 1982 Sound DK/Feature
Three angels and five lions 1982 Sound DK/Feature
Ny dansk energi 1982 Sound DK/Documentary
En hverdag som andres 1982 Sound DK/Documentary
Energi og Danmark 1982 Sound DK/Documentary
Rosa and Susanne from Nuuk 1982 Sound mixer DK/Documentary
Jeppe på bjerget 1981 Sound DK/Feature
The Olsen gang over the hill 1981 Sound DK/Feature
The Olsen gang jumps the fence 1981 Sound DK/Feature
Det grønne bælte - En film om Københavns landbefæstning. 1981 Sound DK/Documentary
Besættelsestidens hverdag 1981 Sound DK/Documentary
Denmark Ahoy 1981 Sound DK/Documentary
Copenhagen Porcelain by Bing & Grøndahl 1980 Sound DK/Documentary
I'm like that too 1980 Sound assistant DK/Feature
The Olsen gang never surrenders 1979 Sound DK/Feature
The Olsen gang goes to war 1978 Sound DK/Feature
Skolestart 1978 Sound DK/Documentary
Matador 1978 Sound TV series
The Olsen gang strikes again 1977 Sound DK/Feature
Nul-energihuset 1977 Sound DK/Documentary
The sharpshooter 1977 Sound DK/Feature
Mennesker i København 1977 Sound DK/Documentary
The Rescuers 1977 Sound: Danish version Feature
Affæren i Mølleby 1976 Sound DK/Feature
It all adds up 1976 Sound DK/Feature
The Olsen gang sees red 1976 Sound DK/Feature
Vort værk 1976 Sound DK/Documentary
Fristen er 12 uger - orientering om abort 1976 Sound DK/Documentary
The Olsen gang on the track 1975 Sound assistant DK/Feature
The Olsen gang's last escapade 1974 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Man må da selv kunne lave den børnehave 1973 Sound DK/Documentary
The Olsen gang runs amuck 1973 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Manden på Svanegården 1972 Sound DK/Feature
E.A.C. on five continents 1972 Sound DK/Documentary
Carl von Linné's flower 1972 Sound DK/Documentary
A forest lake 1972 Sound DK/Documentary
Havet ved Grønland 1972 Sound DK/Documentary
To botanize 1972 Sound DK/Documentary
Egetræet 1972 Sound DK/Documentary
Græshoppernes sang 1972 Sound DK/Documentary
Hekseægget 1972 Sound DK/Documentary
Long live The Queen, Margrethe II 1972 Sound DK/Documentary
The Olsen gang's big score 1972 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Miss Denmark 1971 Sound DK/Documentary
Our Home is Our Castle 1971 Sound assistant DK/Feature
The Olsen gang plays for high stakes 1971 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Jeg vil bo i Danmark 1970 Sound DK/Documentary
Huset på Christianshavn 1970 Props TV series
Viva the revolution! 1970 Assistant DK/Feature
Pyromania on Nørrebro 1968 1969 Sound DK/Documentary
Ro-taget 1969 Sound DK/Documentary
Skud på mål 1969 Sound DK/Documentary
Hjælpemidler Sound DK/Documentary