Peter Brandt

Title Year Function Category
Tom and His Computer: Future Ruins 2020 Editor DK/Short fiction
The Investigation 2020 Editor TV series
Deliver Us 2019 Editor TV series
The Journey 2017 Editor DK/Documentary
Antboy 3 2016 Editor, Trailer editor DK/Feature
Follow the Money 2016 Editor TV series
April 9th 2015 Editor DK/Feature
A War 2015 B-editor DK/Feature
When Animals Dream 2014 Editor DK/Feature
Antboy: Revenge of The Red Fury 2014 Editor, Trailer editor DK/Feature
Sex, Drugs & Taxation 2013 Editing DK/Feature
The Hour of the Lynx 2013 Editor DK/Feature
The Cavalry 2013 Editor, Production designer TV series
Antboy 2013 Editor DK/Feature
Those who kill - Shadow of the past 2012 Editing DK/Feature
Almost Perfect 2012 Editor DK/Feature
Teddy Bear 2012 Trailer editor DK/Feature
Kill 2011 Editing DK/Short fiction
The Cavalry 2010 Editing TV series
Borgen 1 2010 Editor TV series
Everything Will Be Fine 2010 Editor DK/Feature
Super brother 2009 Editor DK/Feature
Riskær - avantgardekapitalisten 2008 Editing DK/Documentary
The candidate 2008 Editing DK/Feature
Ung mand falder 2007 Editor DK/Short fiction
Fighter 2007 Editor: pre-production DK/Feature
Offscreen 2006 Editing DK/Feature
Fidibus 2006 Teaser editor, Trailer editor DK/Feature
Allegro 2005 Editing DK/Feature
Reconstruction 2003 Editing DK/Feature
The Pact 2003 Editing DK/Short fiction
Margarita 2003 Editing DK/Documentary
Anja after Victor 2003 Editor DK/Feature
Valde & Theo 2001 Editing DK/Short fiction
Robert 1999 Editing DK/Short fiction
Karrusel 1998 Festdeltager TV series
Togkupe 1994 Effects DK/Documentary