Louise Hauberg Nielsen

/B. 1979


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/As Louise Hauberg Nielsen

Film Year Function Category
Below the Surface 2017 TV series
The Day Will Come 2016 Makeup design DK/Feature
Summer of '92 2015 Makeup design DK/Feature
Bankerot 2014 Makeup artist TV series
Dicte 2 2014 TV series
Northwest 2013 Stylist DK/Feature
Dicte: Crime Reporter 2013 Chief makeup artist TV series
Out of Bounds 2012 Makeup DK/Feature
A caretaker's tale 2012 Stylist DK/Feature
My Sister's Kids Home Alone 2012 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
A Hijacking 2012 Stylist DK/Feature
Forbandelsen 2012 Stylist DK/Short fiction
Juan 2011 Makeup DK/Feature
Father of four - back to nature 2011 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
4x1 2011 Makeup artist TV series
Lost in Africa 2010 Makeup artist DK/Feature
Klown 2010 Stylist DK/Feature
Deliver us from evil 2009 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
Applause 2009 Makeup artist DK/Feature
At World's End 2009 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Frode and all the other rascals 2008 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
Lost treasure III 2008 Makeup DK/Feature
Moving up 2008 Wardrobe DK/Feature
The candidate 2008 Makeup DK/Feature
The black madonna 2007 Makeup artist DK/Feature
With Your Permission 2007 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
Fighter 2007 Makeup artist assistant DK/Feature
Mr. Poxycat & Co. 2007 Wardrobe TV series
The lost treasure of the Knights Templar 2006 Makeup DK/Feature
Clash of Egos 2006 Makeup artist DK/Feature
The Panda Syndrome 2006 Makeup DK/Short fiction
Blood Sisters 2006 Makeup DK/Short fiction
Out 2006 Chief makeup artist DK/Short fiction
Big plans 2005 Makeup assistant: 2. unit DK/Feature
Op med humøret 2005 Makeup DK/Short fiction
Adam's Apples 2005 Makeup DK/Feature
True Spirit 2005 Makeup DK/Feature
Historien om en mor 2005 Makeup DK/Short fiction
Lauge's Cat 2004 Makeup DK/Short fiction
My sister's kids in Egypt 2004 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
The fakir 2004 Makeup DK/Feature
Monberg & Tuxen 2004 Makeup artist TV series
Cinder Rock'n Rella 2003 Makeup artist assistant DK/Feature
Midsummer 2003 Makeup DK/Feature
Anna's Day 2003 Wardrobe DK/Short fiction
The bouncer 2003 Makeup DK/Feature
Zakka West 2003 Makeup supervisor DK/Feature
Wallah be 2002 Makeup DK/Feature
John and Mia 2002 Makeup DK/Short fiction
The Boy Below 2002 Makeup DK/Short fiction
At the Faber 2000 Makeup artist TV series
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/As Louise Hauberg Lohmann

Film Year Function Category
3 Things 2017 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
Darkland 2017 DK/Feature
In the Blood 2016 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
When Animals Dream 2014 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature

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