Dokincubator 2014 - Dream Higher, Work Harder!

Unique documentary rough-cut workshop is calling for participants, ready to work themselves up into the deep core of their film.


Apparently, the age-old documentary has been brought to its knees. To call broadcasters to invest massive amounts of money into the creative productions - like they did in the last decades – is, despite their good will, like beating a dead horse. But actually, there is still an audience, ready to come to the cinema, to a festival, to watch, support, and promote these films; but just the outstanding, special, excellent ones. So what is the difference between a good and an excellent documentary?

Time, money, and a lot of energy. DOK.Incubator has come to support documentary projects in the rough-cut stage, willing to work hard – and fly high.

The DEADLINE for 2014 participants is March 3rd!

For half a year the workshop inspires teams of eight selected films from all over Europe, each represented by three team members (producer, director, editor). They will be working vigorously in the editing room, building a clever, tailor-made distribution plan and marketing strategy, as well as meeting with important international distributors. The workshop is divided into three week-long residential sessions:
• May 18th -25th Krakow /PL/ = ROUGH CUT
• August 24th – 31st Bratislava /SK/ or Prague /CZ/ (TBC) = FINE CUT
• October 25th – 30th Leipzig /DE/ = PRESENTATION

More than 20 experienced lecturers: producers, editors of award-winning films and creative PR and marketing experts will be giving individual mentoring. Internationally recognised tutors aim to inspire the participants to find their own way how to tell the story – and how to sell it, afterwards.

The participating group is small, family like. We strongly support each other and work together a lot. Your feedback, advice, and help is all welcome just as well as your doubts, difficulties and questions are. The group of both very dedicated tutors and participants is working very hard to step across the films´ limits. It´s an intensive period of blood, sweat, tears – and friendship.

The participation at the workshop requires a great deal of effort from each member of the team. It is necessary to be united, to be ready for new, challenging tasks. In the end, three participant projects, which make the biggest progress, win a DOK.Incubator AWARD (Audio and Video Postproduction in value of € 1.500).

Participation fee at the workshop is € 20.000 which should be covered by the participants´ local film fund. In case they are not successful in getting the support, it will be reduced to €1.800 for the whole workshop, including the accommodation and lunches for the whole team. Additional scholarships are also available.

For more information, tutor names and successful stories of the workshop’s previous participating films, please, visit



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