Nordic Creative Commons Film Festival

On august 30th starts the first Nordic Festival for films created under open licenses. "Great films should be seen together" is the premise for this festival, open now for participation.


Selected CC- licenses films from all over the World will be screened throughout the Nordic region from 30 Aug-8 Sept. The festival concept is based on participation and transparency where the audience becomes the main organizer. Anyone can become a festival host, as long as you can gather an audience of at least 5 people together and get the appropriate technical equipment for film screening. Private homes and public spaces will become temporary cinemas. 'Official' venues in several Scandinavian cities will screen selected content and will host the educational program consisting in seminars and round tables.

The festival official website will work as an air b’n’b for film screenings. The content will be coordinated on this website by the hosts for public and private screening. You can keep updated via facebook, twitter @nccff and on the website.

Creative Commons celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and during 2013 many great films will be released. Some outstanding film premieres among others are TPB AFK, the documentary about The Pirate Bay and The Cosmonaut which raised over €400.000 via crowdfunding.

The festival wants to bring together filmmakers, audiences and the film industry creating an inspirational and open debate regarding the future of copyright, alternatives ways of funding and open sources in the creation, production and re - interpretation of films.

Submit your CC - film

The festival wants you to take part of it by sending us your CC-film, which might be selected for the ‘official’ screening program and chosen for the audience award. The jury will highlight films of very high quality that will be displayed to a wider audience. Further information will be published on the festival facebook site and on its official website.

Participation categories

  • Feature film (more than 60 minutes)
  • Short film (less than 59 minutes)
  • Documentary feature
  • Other (e.g. music video, art film, experimental)

Any theme is welcome!  // Entry deadline: June 30th, 2013.

Rules are simple

  • Each film must be created and available to be distributed under CC licences.
  • Each film must have English subtitles.

Please send us the following information to

  • Film title
  •  Contact person
  • Year of production
  • Duration
  • Production country / countries.
  • Genre
  • Synopsis
  • A web link to the film (vimeo or youtube).
  • Contact information
  • A frame Photo of the film.



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Industry postings

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