dok.incubator workshop calls for ambitious feature docs in rough-cut stage

DEADLINE: February 1st, 2017.


dok.incubator, the workshop that brought ‘Venus’ by Mette Carla Albrechtsen and Lea Glob to IDFA 2016, invites editors, directors and producers to a six–month long workshop, focused on filmmakers’ professional development and giving you access to top internationally-experienced tutors. Eight teams, comprising a producer, a director and an editor, will focus the film’s unique perspective and sharpen the storytelling, placing it within the international context and finding concrete tools to effectively approach future audiences. Intensive work on editing, distribution and audience-building upgrades your rough-cut to a high-end film with the potential to meet worldwide interest.
  • Intensive 6 months of editing and project development aiming for picture lock early autumn 2017
  • 25 internationally-active filmmakers tutor you throughout the postproduction period
  • Find your film’s unique perspective within an international context
  • Build your own tailor-made marketing and distribution strategy
  • Participation of your whole creative teams in three intensive week-long workshops:

1st session: 22nd – 27th April (TBC) – Třešť, Czech Republic
2nd session: 26th June – 2nd July (TBC) – Smolenice, Slovakia
3rd session: 18th – 25th of September – Malmö, Sweden

The nearly-finished films are introduced to key decision-makers at Nordisk Panorama

How it works:

The editing mentors work with the participants continuously to develop the storytelling and focus the story

The production mentors help the producers with the financing, team management and distribution

The marketing and distribution tutors  help you to position the film and build a sophisticated strategy to target your audience

The programme opens your film to a testing audience  of experienced festival representatives and sales agents for you to receive feedback on your film and distribution strategy.

To apply, please go to


dok.incubator workshop calls for rough-cut feature docs

DEADLINE: February 1st, 2017

dok.incubator, the rough-cut workshop that brought ‘Venus’ by Mette Carla Albrechtsen and Lea Glob to IDFA 2016, invites editors, directors and producers to work with top internationally-active mentors for 6 months. Past films include European Film Award nominee and IDFA Special Jury Award winner ‘A Family Affair’ by Tom Fassaert. Throughout the postproduction period of your film (April – September 2017), you will work intensively in the editing room, and build a sophisticated tailor-made marketing and distribution strategy. dok.incubator is an opportunity to get a new perspective on your film within the international context and to ensure that your unique story will be rich and relevant to a worldwide audience.

The workshop is divided into three week-long residential sessions:

  • 22nd – 27th April (TBC) – Třešť, Czech Republic // ROUGH-CUT
  • 26th June – 2nd July (TBC) – Smolenice, Slovakia // FINE CUT
  • 18th – 25th of September – Malmö, Sweden // NEAR PICTURE LOCK

To apply, please visit


  1. dok.incubator rough-cut workshop calls for participants! 6 months of intensive editing, distribution and marketing strategy planning! Editors, directors and producers invited – DEADLINE February 1st
  2. Editors, directors and producers of feature-length docs in rough-cut stage can now apply for dok.incubator 2017! 6 months of intensive editing, distribution and marketing strategy planning ahead
  3. Great opportunity to develop your feature doc from the rough-cut to the festival release. New perspective of the editing, distribution and audience building…  Apply to dok.incubator before February 1st
  4. 25 internationally experienced tutors to develop your rough cut to a high-end feature doc. dok.incubator offers 6 intensive months in the editing rooms… DEADLINE February 1st



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