Noah Lynnerup


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Film Year Function Category
Pound for Pound 2017 DK/Feature
The Day Will Come 2016 DK/Feature
Anti 2016 Gaffer DK/Feature
Mit 50/50 liv 2016 TV series
Ewa, Out of Body 2016 Interactive projects
Rosita 2015 Gaffer DK/Feature
Land of Mine 2015 Gaffer DK/Feature
Emma and Santa Claus - The Quest for the Elf Queen's Heart 2015 Gaffer DK/Feature
The Seaside Hotel 2 2015 TV series
Mordene på Katarina 2015 Gaffer DK/Short fiction
Danny's Doomsday 2014 Gaffer DK/Feature
When Animals Dream 2014 Best boy DK/Feature
Baby 2014 Gaffer DK/Short fiction
Rodløs 2014 Best boy DK/Short fiction
The Doghouse 2014 Interactive projects
Grey Gold 2013 Best boy DK/Feature
The Detectives 2013 Best boy DK/Feature
Weekend Dad 2013 Assistant lighting technician DK/Short fiction
A Doll's House 2013 Gaffer DK/Short fiction
True Love 2013 Gaffer DK/Short fiction
Tvillingerne & julemanden 2013 Gaffer TV series
Cloud Chamber 2013 Best boy Interactive projects
The Great Bird Race 2012 Best boy DK/Feature
Rita 1 2012 Assistant TV series
The Ones you love 2012 Best boy DK/Short fiction
9 meter 2012 Best boy DK/Short fiction
Boy 2011 Gaffer DK/Feature
A Funny Man 2011 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Nogle gange kommer vinteren om natten 2011 Gaffer DK/Short fiction
Karen Blixen - behind her mask 2011 Gaffer DK/Documentary
Father of four - back to nature 2011 Best boy DK/Feature
Beast 2011 Gaffer DK/Feature
Something in the Air 2011 Best boy DK/Feature
Den sidste rejse 2011 Best boy DK/Feature
Ludvig og julemanden 2011 Gaffer TV series
Father of four - in Japanese mode 2010 Best boy: 2. unit DK/Feature
Bob Bob Bølle Bob 2010 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
5 fortællinger om en far 2010 Electrical dept. DK/Documentary
Timetrip: The curse of the seeress 2009 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Anna 2009 Electrical dept. DK/Short fiction
Storm 2009 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
The christmas party 2009 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Super brother 2009 Assistant lighting technician DK/Feature
Benja 2009 Best boy DK/Short fiction
Park Road 2009 Assistant lighting technician TV series
Lulu & Leon 2009 Best boy TV series
Implosion 2009 Gaffer DK/Short fiction
Osman og Jeppe 2009 Best boy TV series
Attention Kasimir 2008 Best boy DK/Short fiction
Closed Doors 2008 Gaffer DK/Short fiction
Only what is lost is forever loved 2008 Gaffer DK/Short fiction
Patrol 2008 Best boy DK/Short fiction
Mikkel og guldkortet 2008 Lighting TV series
RePlay 2008 Best boy DK/Short fiction
The Funeral 2008 Best boy DK/Short fiction
Olsen bandens første kup 1999 Kjeld Jensen TV series
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Registration of festival participation and awards

The Danish Film Institute registers international festival participation and awards for Danish films, though primarily for films whose festival distribution is handled by the Danish Film Institute, and primarily in connection with festivals prioritised by the Danish Film Institute. Festival participation and awards regarding Danish films that are not handled through the Danish Film Institute's festival distribution will only be registered in connection with "launch" festivals, according to the Danish Film Institute's list of priority festivals. See the list of priority festivals.

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