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Film Year Function Category
You Disappear 2017 DK/Feature
How to Meet a Mermaid 2017 DK/Documentary
Parents 2016 Sound design DK/Feature
Hugland 2016 DK/Documentary
The Seaside Hotel 2 2015 TV series
15 Minutes - The Dvor Massacre 2015 Sound supervisor DK/Documentary
Blood Sisters 2015 Sound design Documentary
Someone You Love 2014 Sound design DK/Feature
Speed Walking 2014 Sound engineer DK/Feature
The Man Who Saved the World 2014 Sound DK/Documentary
The Circus Dynasty 2014 Sound design DK/Documentary
The Boy with the Golden Pants 2014 Sound design Feature
The Carbon Crooks 2013 Sound design DK/Documentary
The power of words 2012 Sound: post-production DK/Documentary
Park Road - The movie 2012 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Those who kill - Shadow of the past 2012 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Chasing success 2012 Sound: post-production DK/Documentary
Thors saga 2011 Sound engineer: shooting DK/Documentary
The will 2011 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
The Woman Who Dreamt of a Man 2010 Sound: post-production DK/Feature
A family 2010 Sound design DK/Feature
Lost in Africa 2010 Sound engineer: shooting DK/Feature
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2009 Sound designer Feature
Timetrip: The curse of the seeress 2009 Sound DK/Feature
Park Road 2009 Sound TV series
Worlds Apart 2008 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Little miss grown-up 2008 Sound DK/Documentary
Så kort og mærkeligt livet er 2008 Sound designer DK/Documentary
God, Smell and Her 2008 Sound Feature
The Art of Crying 2007 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Purity Beats Everything 2007 Sound DK/Documentary
Lysets nøgle 2007 Sound TV series
We shall overcome 2006 Sound DK/Feature
Triple dare 2006 Foley recordist DK/Feature
Flying - Confessions of a Free Woman 2006 Sound engineer Series (documentary)
Den hemmelige krig 2006 Sound DK/Documentary
Flying - Confessions of a Free Woman: No Fear of Flying 2006 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Flying - Confessions of a Free Woman: Test Piloting 2006 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Flying - Confessions of a Free Woman: Experiencing Turbulence 2006 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Flying - Confessions of a Free Woman: Crash and Burn 2006 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Flying - Confessions of a Free Woman : Walking Away From The Wreck 2006 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Flying - Confessions of a Free Woman: Breaking The Sound Barrier 2006 Sound engineer DK/Documentary
Restless souls 2005 A-sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Ambulance 2005 Sound effect editor DK/Feature
Tæl til 100 2004 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Anja after Victor 2003 Foley editor DK/Feature
Fear X 2003 Sound DK/Feature
Song for a Raggy Boy 2003 Sound Feature
Day and Night 2003 Foley recordist DK/Feature
Okay 2002 B-sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Lilja 4-ever 2002 Sound Feature
Kiss kiss 2001 Sound DK/Short fiction
Eje veje væk 2001 Sound DK/Short fiction
The lady of Hamre 2000 Sound DK/Feature
Cowboy & Angel 1998 Sound DK/Documentary
Credo 1997 Sound DK/Feature
Hypnogram 1-4 1997 Sound Anthology
Balladen med Bob 1997 Sound DK/Documentary
Breaking the Waves 1996 Sound effect editor DK/Feature
The ballad of the Viking king, Holger the Dane 1996 Sound DK/Feature
Pusher 1996 Sound DK/Feature
The Greatest Heroes 1996 Sound engineer: Denmark DK/Feature
Honda Honda 1996 Sound DK/Short fiction
Never 1995 Sound DK/Short fiction
Filmskolen 1995 Appearance TV film
Circus Hildebrandt 1995 B-sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
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Registration of festival participation and awards

The Danish Film Institute registers international festival participation and awards for Danish films, though primarily for films whose festival distribution is handled by the Danish Film Institute, and primarily in connection with festivals prioritised by the Danish Film Institute. Festival participation and awards regarding Danish films that are not handled through the Danish Film Institute's festival distribution will only be registered in connection with "launch" festivals, according to the Danish Film Institute's list of priority festivals. See the list of priority festivals.

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