Anne Cathrine Sauerberg


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Film Year Function Category
Dan Dream 2017 DK/Feature
Never Again a Tomorrow 2017 DK/Feature
Shadow Boxer 2017 DK/Short fiction
Satisfaction 1720 2016 Makeup artist DK/Feature
A Conspiracy of Faith 2016 DK/Feature
Den anden verden 2016 TV series
The Idealist 2015 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
Men & Chicken 2015 Makeup artist DK/Feature
A Second Chance 2015 Makeup design DK/Feature
Juleønsket 2015 Chief makeup artist TV series
Rita 3 2015 TV series
Someone You Love 2014 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
Speed Walking 2014 DK/Feature
Lulu 2014 Hairdresser DK/Short fiction
2 Girls 1 Cake 2013 Makeup artist DK/Short fiction
Almost Perfect 2012 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
Excuse me 2012 Makeup artist DK/Feature
Rita 1 2012 Makeup TV series
The talent thief 2012 Makeup artist DK/Feature
Therapy 2010 Makeup artist DK/Feature
A family 2010 Makeup artist DK/Feature
My sister's kids in Jutland 2010 Makeup DK/Feature
Empire North 2010 Makeup DK/Documentary
Sheep 2009 Makeup artist DK/Short fiction
The blessing 2009 Make-up supervisor DK/Feature
Headhunter 2009 Makeup artist DK/Feature
Dancers 2008 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
The gift 2008 Makeup artist DK/Feature
Anja & Viktor - in sickness and in health 2008 Makeup artist DK/Feature
Fear Me Not 2008 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
2900 Happiness 2007 Makeup TV series
A soap 2006 Script DK/Feature
Rene hjerter 2006 Makeup artist DK/Feature
Skymaster, a flying family fairytale 2006 Makeup DK/Feature
Krummerne - så er det jul igen 2006 Makeup artist DK/Feature
Anna Pihl 2006 Makeup TV series
Oskar & Josefine 2005 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
Young Andersen 2005 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
Nynne 2005 Chief makeup artist DK/Feature
Jul i Valhal 2005 Makeup artist TV series
Brothers 2004 Makeup DK/Feature
Cinder Rock'n Rella 2003 Makeup DK/Feature
Anja after Victor 2003 Makeup DK/Feature
It's all about love 2002 Make-up artist: 2. unit DK/Feature
My sister's kids 2 2002 Makeup DK/Feature
Hjerteafdelingen 2002 Makeup TV series
Count Axel 2001 Makeup assistant DK/Feature
Anja & Viktor 2001 Makeup DK/Feature
Monas verden 2001 Makeup DK/Feature
My sister's children 2001 Makeup DK/Feature
Juliane 2000 Makeup DK/Feature
The lady of Hamre 2000 Makeup assistant DK/Feature
The cable club 1999 Makeup DK/Short fiction
Gone with the fish 1999 Makeup DK/Feature
Two penny dance 1999 Makeup DK/Feature
Motello 1998 Makeup DK/Feature
Sunes familie 1997 Makeup DK/Feature
Wolfgang 1997 Makeup DK/Short fiction
The Greatest Heroes 1996 Makeup DK/Feature
Just a girl 1995 Makeup artist DK/Feature
Flemming og Berit 1994 Makeup TV series
The Boys From St. Petri 1991 Makeup assistant DK/Feature
The Crumbs 1991 Makeup DK/Feature
The naked trees 1991 Makeup DK/Feature
Casanova 1990 Makeup DK/Feature
The birthday trip 1990 Makeup DK/Feature
Cherry Blossom Ballad 1990 Makeup DK/Feature
Sirup 1990 Makeup assistant DK/Feature
Århus by night 1989 Makeup DK/Feature
Huller i suppen 1988 SFX makeup: gorilla DK/Feature
The Redtops 1988 Makeup assistant DK/Feature
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The Danish Film Institute registers international festival participation and awards for Danish films, though primarily for films whose festival distribution is handled by the Danish Film Institute, and primarily in connection with festivals prioritised by the Danish Film Institute. Festival participation and awards regarding Danish films that are not handled through the Danish Film Institute's festival distribution will only be registered in connection with "launch" festivals, according to the Danish Film Institute's list of priority festivals. See the list of priority festivals.

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