Martin Saabye

/B. 1962


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/As Martin Saabye

Film Year Function Category
Father of Four – at the top 2017 DK/Feature
The Way to Mandalay 2017 DK/Feature
Father of Four 2014 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Silent Heart 2014 Sound editor DK/Feature
Familien Jul 2014 Sound: post-production DK/Feature
Man in Space Child in Hell 2011 Sound DK/Short fiction
My sister's kids in Jutland 2010 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
Mia et le Migou 2008 Dialogue mixer Feature
Just Another Love Story 2007 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Clash of Egos 2006 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Royal blues 1997 Sound DK/Short fiction
Let's get lost 1997 Sound engineer: 2. unit DK/Feature
Linien gennem landet 1987 Sound DK/Documentary
The human race 1987 Cinematography DK/Experimental
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/As Martin Saabye Andersen

Film Year Function Category
You Disappear 2017 DK/Feature
Pound for Pound 2017 DK/Feature
Arvingerne 3 2017 TV series
The Day Will Come 2016 DK/Feature
Follow the Money 2016 TV series
Across the Waters 2016 Sound engineer DK/Feature
1864 - brødre i krig 2016 Sound mixer DK/Feature
The Christmas Family 2 2016 DK/Feature
Ditte & Louise - Sæson 2 2016 TV series
Follow the Money 2016 TV series
My Canadian Adventure - The Quest for the Lost Gold 2015 Sound engineer DK/Feature
1864 2014 Sound mixer TV series
Jauja 2014 Sound mixer Feature
Bankerot 2014 Recording engineer TV series
My African Adventure 2013 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Player 2013 Sound design DK/Feature
My Sister's Kids Home Alone 2012 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Daddy 2012 Sound mixer DK/Short fiction
Bora Bora 2011 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Father of four - back to nature 2011 Sound mixer DK/Feature
Simon & the oaks 2011 Sound mixer Feature
At World's End 2009 Sound DK/Feature
The pig 2008 Sound DK/Short fiction
Make My Day 2008 Sound DK/Short fiction
Mr. Poxycat & Co. 2007 Sound TV series
Nynne 2006 Recording engineer TV series
The sun king 2005 Sound engineer DK/Feature
My sister's kids in Egypt 2004 Sound engineer DK/Feature
The five obstructions 2003 Sound engineer: The perfect human: Cuba DK/Documentary
Jul på Vesterbro 2003 Sound mixer TV series
My sister's kids 2 2002 Sound DK/Feature
Love at last hickup 2001 Sound DK/Feature
Anja & Viktor 2001 Sound DK/Feature
My sister's children 2001 Sound DK/Feature
Election Night 1998 Sound DK/Short fiction
GUFOL-Mysteriet 1997 Sound TV series
Bella my Bella 1996 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Hamsun 1996 Sound editor DK/Feature
Backstabbed 1996 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Krummernes jul 1996 Sound TV series
Just a girl 1995 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Das Geisterhaus 1993 Boom operator Feature
Pain of Love 1992 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Svart lucia 1992 Sound Feature
A day in October 1991 Sound DK/Feature
The Boys From St. Petri 1991 Sound DK/Feature
Lille dreng på Østerbro - en film om by og barndom 1991 Sound DK/Documentary
Casanova 1990 Sound engineer: 2. unit DK/Feature
Dance of the Polar Bears 1990 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Spring Tide 1990 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Notes on Love 1989 Synchronization DK/Experimental
The knight of justice 1989 Sound assistant DK/Short fiction
The red thread 1989 Sound assistant DK/Feature
Walter and Carlo in America 1989 Sound assistant DK/Feature
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