Kristian Appel

Title Year Function Category
Darkland: The Return 2023 Steadicam DK/Feature
The Marco Effect 2021 Steadicam DK/Feature
Psykosia 2019 Steadicam DK/Feature
Landet af glas 2018 Drone operator DK/Feature
Pros and Cons 2018 Drone operator TV series
Grethe 2017 Drone operator TV series
Father of Four – at the top 2017 Octocopter operator DK/Feature
Dan Dream 2017 Steadicam DK/Feature
Norskov 2 2017 Drone operator TV series
Something''s Rockin'' 2017 Drone operator TV series
What We Become 2016 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
April 9th 2015 Steadicam operator: 2. unit DK/Feature
Father of Four - on a Wild Holiday 2015 Steadicam DK/Feature
Norskov 1 2015 Drone operator TV series
Broen 3 2015 Steadicam operator TV series
A Short Life 2014 Steadicam operator DK/Short fiction
Heartless 1 2014 Steadicam operator TV series
When Animals Dream 2014 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
Speed Walking 2014 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
Father of Four 2014 Steadicam DK/Feature
Someone You Love 2014 Steadicam DK/Feature
The Shooter 2013 Steadicam DK/Feature
Antboy 2013 Steadicam DK/Feature
The Hour of the Lynx 2013 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
Marie Kroyer 2012 Steadicam DK/Feature
Lykke 2011 Steadicam operator TV series
Upstairs 2011 First assistant camera DK/Short fiction
Something in the Air 2011 Steadicam DK/Feature
Bob Bob Bølle Bob 2010 Steadicam DK/Feature
Park Road 2009 First assistant camera TV series
Vølvens forbandelse 2009 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
Stykke for stykke 2009 Steadicam operator DK/Short fiction
Anja & Viktor - in sickness and in health 2008 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
Ledsaget udgang 2007 Steadicam DK/Feature
De unge år 2007 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
Lotto 2006 2nd cinematographer DK/Feature
Anna Pihl 2006 Steadicam operator TV series
Den store dag 2005 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
Accused 2005 Steadicam operator DK/Feature
Danmark for begyndere - Historien om Lokalplan 219 2004 Camera operator DK/Documentary
Langt fra Las Vegas 2001 Cinematography, Camera operator TV series
Skjulte spor 2000 Cinematography, First assistant camera TV series
Casper & mandrilaftalen 1999 Camera operator TV series
Alle tiders nisse 1995 Cinematography TV series
Skibet i skilteskoven 1992 First assistant camera TV series