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Film Year Function Category
The Man 2017 DK/Feature
Letters for Amina 2017 DK/Feature
Word of God 2017 DK/Feature
Satisfaction 1720 2016 Sound design DK/Feature
A Conspiracy of Faith 2016 Sound DK/Feature
1864 - brødre i krig 2016 Sound editor DK/Feature
Bridgend 2015 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Emma and Santa Claus - The Quest for the Elf Queen's Heart 2015 Sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
The Miracle 2014 Sound design DK/Feature
1864 2014 Sound editor TV series
The Cartel 2014 Foley recordist DK/Feature
Danny's Doomsday 2014 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Baby 2014 B-sound designer DK/Short fiction
Northwest 2013 Boom operator DK/Feature
The Shooter 2013 Foley recordist DK/Feature
Where the Light gets in 2013 B-sound designer DK/Short fiction
Last Dreams 2013 B-sound designer DK/Documentary
Dreaming of a Family 2013 B-sound designer DK/Documentary
Teddy Bear 2012 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Moon Rider 2012 Sound mixer DK/Documentary
Almost Perfect 2012 B-sound designer: post-production DK/Feature
Excuse me 2012 Mixer DK/Feature
You & Me Forever 2012 Sound mixer DK/Feature
The Ghost Of Piramida 2012 Sound DK/Documentary
Skyscraper 2011 Sound engineer: shooting DK/Feature
Ronal Barbaren 2011 Add. re-recording DK/Feature
Love is in the air 2011 Sound design DK/Feature
Miss Julie 2011 Sound engineer: 2. unit DK/Feature
Canned Dreams 2011 Sound editor DK/Documentary
Ludvig og julemanden 2011 Sound engineer TV series
Hold me tight 2010 Foley recordist DK/Feature
Father of four - in Japanese mode 2010 B-sound designer DK/Feature
The experiment 2010 Boom operator DK/Feature
My good enemy 2010 Sound DK/Feature
The wounded 2010 B-sound designer DK/Documentary
Usynlige piger 2009 Sound: post-production DK/Documentary
Hush Little Baby 2009 Assistant sound mixer DK/Feature
Love & rage 2009 Sound engineer: 2. unit DK/Feature
Metropia 2009 Foley recordist DK/Feature
Warriors of love 2009 Sound Feature
Dreams in Copenhagen 2009 Sound mixer DK/Documentary
Lulu & Leon 2009 Sound TV series
Boy Meets Girl 2008 Sound DK/Short fiction
Dancers 2008 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Awakening 2008 Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Anja & Viktor - in sickness and in health 2008 Sound design DK/Feature
The Back of Beyond 2008 Sound design DK/Short fiction
Window of opportunity 2008 Sound DK/Experimental
Daisy Diamond 2007 Sound engineer DK/Feature
Young man falling 2007 Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
A soap 2006 Sound DK/Feature
Rene hjerter 2006 B-sound designer: post-production DK/Feature
Easy skanking 2006 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Out 2006 Sound DK/Short fiction
Big plans 2005 B-sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
The Swenkas 2005 Sound DK/Documentary
Doxa 2005 Sound mixer Feature
Jerusalem My Love 2004 Sound DK/Documentary
We are the world 2004 Sound DK/Documentary
Zafir 2003 B-sound engineer: post-production DK/Feature
The little rascals 2003 B-sound designer DK/Feature
Day and Night 2003 Dialogue editor DK/Feature
Charlie Butterfly 2002 Sound DK/Feature
Wilbur begår selvmord 2002 Sound DK/Feature
Habibti My Love 2002 Sound DK/Short fiction
Kat 2001 Sound DK/Feature
Halleluja 2001 Sound DK/Short fiction
Notes on Silence 2001 Sound DK/Documentary
Out of service 2000 Sound DK/Short fiction
A new beginning 2000 Sound DK/Short fiction
Italian for Beginners 2000 Sound editor DK/Feature
India 1999 Sound DK/Short fiction
Tom Merritt 1999 Sound DK/Short fiction
Little big dog 1998 Sound engineer DK/Short fiction
Some May Be Bored 1997 Sound DK/Documentary
Girl named Sister 1996 Sound DK/Experimental
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Registration of festival participation and awards

The Danish Film Institute registers international festival participation and awards for Danish films, though primarily for films whose festival distribution is handled by the Danish Film Institute, and primarily in connection with festivals prioritised by the Danish Film Institute. Festival participation and awards regarding Danish films that are not handled through the Danish Film Institute's festival distribution will only be registered in connection with "launch" festivals, according to the Danish Film Institute's list of priority festivals. See the list of priority festivals.

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