Lars Kolding Andersen

Title Year Function Category
The Bereaved 2022 SFX pyro technician DK/Feature
Hvide Sande 2021 SFX technician Series (fiction)
Father of Four and the Vikings 2020 SFX, Pyrotechnician DK/Feature
Gidseltagningen II 2019 SFX pyro technician TV series
Hunting Season 2019 SFX DK/Feature
The Way to Mandalay 2018 SFX DK/Feature
Herrens veje 2 2018 SFX TV series
Den anden verden 2016 SFX supervisor TV series
Broen 3 2015 SFX technician TV series
Arvingerne 1 2014 SFX TV series
The Cavalry 2013 SFX TV series
Antboy 2013 SFX wire specialist DK/Feature
The Killing III 2012 SFX TV series
My Sister's Kids Home Alone 2012 SFX assistant DK/Feature
Lykke 2011 Special effects TV series
Melancholia 2011 Stunt rigger DK/Feature
Far til fire - på japansk 2010 Stunt assistant DK/Feature
Pagten 2009 Special effects TV series
Aching Hearts 2009 Artificial snow DK/Feature
Super brother 2009 Crane operator DK/Feature
The protectors 2008 Special effects TV series
The Summers 2008 Special effects TV series
Worlds Apart 2008 SFX DK/Feature
Flame & Citron 2008 SFX DK/Feature
The Killing 2007 Special effects TV series
Yallahrup færgeby 2007 Special effects TV series
Lysets nøgle 2007 Special effects TV series
De unge år 2007 SFX supervisor DK/Feature
Rene hjerter 2006 SFX coordinator DK/Feature
Lotto 2006 SFX DK/Feature
The Leap 2005 Special effects DK/Feature
Nynne 2005 Special effects DK/Feature
Manslaughter 2005 SFX DK/Feature
Adam's Apples 2005 SFX DK/Feature
Nordkraft 2005 SFX DK/Feature
Better Times 2004 Special effects TV series
Sharks 2004 SFX DK/Feature
Cry in the Woods 2004 SFX technician Feature
Between Us 2003 Special effects DK/Short fiction
Se dagens lys 2003 Special effects TV film
Jesus & Josefine 2003 Special effects TV series
Anja after Victor 2003 SFX DK/Feature
Stealing Rembrandt 2003 SFX DK/Feature
It's All About Love 2002 Special effects DK/Feature
Plan B 2002 Special effects TV series
Nikolaj og Julie 2002 Special effects TV series
Wallah be 2002 Special effects DK/Feature
Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself 2002 SFX DK/Feature
Gamle mænd i nye biler 2002 SFX DK/Feature
Monas verden 2001 Special effects DK/Feature
The Olsen gang junior 2001 Special effects DK/Feature
The Serbian Dane 2001 Special effects TV film
The Chosen 7 2001 Special effects TV series
D-Dag 2001 SFX TV film
Jolly Roger 2001 Stunts DK/Feature
Kat 2001 SFX DK/Feature
Unit 1 2000 Special effects TV series
Edderkoppen 2000 Special effects TV series
Flickering Lights 2000 SFX DK/Feature
The lady of Hamre 2000 SFX technician DK/Feature
Dykkerne 2000 SFX technician DK/Feature
In China They Eat Dogs 1999 Special effects DK/Feature
Falkehjerte 1999 Special effects DK/Feature
Dybt vand 1999 SFX TV film
Albert 1998 Special effects DK/Feature
Majoren 1998 Special effects TV film
Election Night 1998 Special effects DK/Short fiction
Commander Hamilton 1998 Special effects, Stunts Feature
Eye of the Eagle 1997 Special effects DK/Feature
Barbara 1997 SFX: Faroe Islands DK/Feature
The Greatest Heroes 1996 Special effects DK/Feature
Breaking the Waves 1996 SFX DK/Feature
Mørklægning 1992 Special effects TV series
Jasper's Ghost 1992 Special effects DK/Feature
A Day in October 1991 Special effects DK/Feature
The naked trees 1991 Special effects DK/Feature
Raha 1991 Special effects DK/Short fiction
Illusionernes værksted 1991 Special effects DK/Documentary
Banana busters 1990 Special effects, Production designer DK/Feature
Walter and Carlo in America 1989 Special effects DK/Feature
Danish Symphony 1988 Cinematographer DK/Documentary