Simon Bang

(1960 – )

Story board artist, director. Born 27/11 1960.

Bang has worked as a story board artist on a long line of Danish film and TV productions. In 2013 he made his debut as a director with the documentary ''The Shell House Raid''. ''Captain''s Heart'' (2021) is his second film as director.
Title Year Function Category
Captain''s Heart 2021 Direction, Appearance, Screenplay, Storyboard, Background designer DK/Documentary
Miss Osaka 2021 Storyboard DK/Feature
3 Things 2017 Storyboard DK/Feature
What a Circus! 2017 Storyboard DK/Feature
Den sidste tid 2016 Illustrator DK/Documentary
Satisfaction 1720 2016 Storyboard DK/Feature
Walk with Me 2016 Storyboard DK/Feature
Født til filmen 2015 Appearance DK/Documentary
Men & Chicken 2015 Storyboard DK/Feature
Summer of ''92 2015 Storyboard DK/Feature
Going to School 2015 Storyboard DK/Feature
The Idealist 2015 Storyboard DK/Feature
Itsi Bitsi 2014 Storyboard DK/Feature
1864 2014 Storyboard TV series
1864 - brødre i krig 2014 Storyboard DK/Feature
Angrebet på Shellhuset 2013 Direction, Screenplay, Producer, Executive producer DK/Documentary
2 Girls 1 Cake 2013 Storyboard DK/Short fiction
This life 2012 Storyboard DK/Feature
Into the White 2012 Storyboard Feature
The Killing III 2012 Storyboard TV series
Bora Bora 2011 Storyboard DK/Feature
Superclásico 2011 Storyboard DK/Feature
Far til fire - på japansk 2010 Storyboard DK/Feature
Therapy 2010 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Min avatar og mig 2010 Storyboard DK/Documentary
Everything Will Be Fine 2010 Storyboard DK/Feature
What Goes Around 2009 Storyboard DK/Feature
At World''s End 2009 Storyboard DK/Feature
Over gaden under vandet 2009 Storyboard DK/Feature
Super brother 2009 Storyboard DK/Feature
Monsterjægerne 2009 Storyboard DK/Feature
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2009 Storyboard artist Feature
Storm 2009 Storyboard DK/Feature
Karls Krig 2008 Direction DK/Documentary
The candidate 2008 Storyboard DK/Feature
Wallander 2008 Storyboard TV series
Flame & Citron 2008 Storyboard DK/Feature
Tempelriddernes skat III - Mysteriet om slangekronen 2008 Storyboard DK/Feature
Anja & Viktor - in sickness and in health 2008 Storyboard DK/Feature
Anja & Viktor - brændende kærlighed 2007 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Tempelriddernes skat II 2007 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Arn - the knight templar 2007 Storyboard artist Feature
Tempelriddernes skat 2006 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Rene hjerter 2006 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Krummerne - så er det jul igen 2006 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Under bæltestedet 2006 Storyboard DK/Short fiction
Adam''s Apples 2005 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Oh Happy Day 2004 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Fakiren fra Bilbao 2004 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Cry in the Woods 2004 Storyboard Feature
Lost generation 2004 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
En som Hodder 2003 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Stealing Rembrandt 2003 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Gamle mænd i nye biler 2002 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
The Intended 2002 Storyboard artist Feature
Sophie''s Heart 2001 Storyboard DK/Short fiction
The Olsen gang junior 2001 Title sequence, Title design DK/Feature
Dykkerne 2000 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Gråvejr 2000 Storyboard artist DK/Short fiction
The King Is Alive 2000 Title design, Title sequence DK/Feature
Unit 1 2000 Storyboard artist TV series
Heart of light 1998 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Les misérables 1998 Storyboard artist Feature
Smilla''s feeling for snow 1997 Storyboard artist Feature
Casanova 1990 Storyboard artist DK/Feature
Huller i suppen 1988 Title design DK/Feature
Pelle the Conqueror 1987 Storyboard artist DK/Feature